Our first ever WE Vancouver #bestofthecity Award!


Thanks to everyone who voted for us in this year’s WE Vancouver Best of the City 2013! We placed 3rd in the Local Blog category behind The Endless Meal and our friend Miss 604, who took 1st. This is the first time we’ve ever placed in the Best of the City, and we are so honoured!

And by “we” are proud, I mean our team of editors and contributors who tirelessly volunteer their time and efforts to bring you the best your city has to offer week after week. The folks below are the active editorial team for V.I.A.. This is their award (like their Georgia Straight BEST OF) and on their behalf I thank you for it.

The team is made up of:
Christine McAvoy, Keith Chan, Tina Ok, Sarah Szloboda, Susan Young, Gary Hubbs, Jessica O’Neill, Rick Chung, Kelsey Klassen, Jen Kim, Courtney Overgaauw, Destin Haynes, Aaron Alexander, Adina Spivak, Alexis Baran, Albert Yee, Amanda Lee Smith, Amber Turnau, Andrea, Loewen, Brice Ferre, Chrissy Davey, Linus Lam, Valerie Tiu, Erin Shaw, Jason Vanderhill, Daniel Curtis, Erica, Mattson, Liam Ford, Dano Pendygrasse, Jenn Perutka, Laurin Thompson, Joe Schweers, Susan Gittins, Leigh Eldridge, Lani Russwurm, Josh Hukuliak, John Whitworth, Meena Sandhu, Amanda Schweers, Lindsay Glauser, Nardwuar the Human Serviette, Liisa Hannus, Rachel Bee, Kurtis Kolt, Rhiannon Coppin, Robert White and (not pictured) Erin Ireland, Hilary Henegar, Anne Cottingham, Jessica McIlroy, Nathan Friesen, Alex Quicho and Ghazal Elhaei!