Vancity Fair: Jill Barber


Vancity Fair is an interview project that asks compelling Vancouverites to complete The Proust Questionnaire to expose their thoughts, values and life experiences.

Singer songwriter Jill Barber loves Vancouver, all shades of pink and really fat peonies. Jill released an album of classic French covers in January, called Chansons. As Chansons tops jazz charts in Canada Jill works on writing her next record.

Your favourite virtue.

Your favourite qualities in a man.
Intelligence, Tenderness, Humour

Your favourite qualities in a woman.
Confidence, Intelligence, Natural Beauty

Your favourite occupation.
Reading the paper with my morning coffee.

Your chief characteristic.

Your idea of happiness.
Eating food from my garden.

Your idea of misery.
My loved ones being taken away from me.

Your favourite colour and flower.
All shades of pink, fat peonies.

Where would you like to live?
The south of France, during the winter months.

Your favourite painters and composers.
Currently I’m obsessed with the art of Holly Farrell.

Your favourite heroes in real life.
Stephen Lewis, kids like 16-year old Evan Weins, who start gay-straight alliances in their schools.

Your favourite heroines in real life.
Journalist and human rights activist Sally Armstrong, home care workers.

Your favourite heroes in fiction.
Atticus Finch

Your favourite heroines in fiction.
Lizzy Bennett

Your favourite food and drink.
Calabrese Pizza from Pizzeria Farina, Negronis

Your pet aversion.
Mean dogs

What is your present state of mind.

For what fault have you most toleration?

Your favourite motto.
“A Dame that knows the ropes isn’t likely to get tied up”. -Mae West

Cory Ashworth