Dogtown Vancouver: My Pet Diaries Episode 2


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Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver: My Pet Diaries is Theo. Here’s his story…

NAME: Theo.
BACKGROUND: 6 years old “Basenji” aka “Barkless Dog”– is a breed of hunting dog that was bred from stock originating in central Africa.
DIARY: Written by Shelley Mantei — Director, Mediatonic PR

Dear Diary

I work in the very, very fast paced world of public relations. Hands down the best cure for that stress load is my dog, “Theo”. If you don’t stop to give him a little love and attention mid-day then he’s there to swat you with a paw or threaten to nibble on a press release (and in the world of business ‘the dog ate my homework’ doesn’t fly!). He’s been my rock in hard times and my daily reminder to stop just stop and breath — and appreciate life is pretty grand…

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