#TweettoEat: Day 7


It’s officially been one week! One week down and another to go. What an experience it has been so far, and I wish I was doing it longer. It’s wonderful meeting so many great people.


This morning I made my way to The Bellagio Cafe at Robson and Hornby to meet @TheFelixKay for breakfast. I had never been here before, so I was excited to try something new. Felix is a hilarious and wonderful guy who writes for Vancity Buzz as well as many other publications. (You can find him on facebook here.) We had a great chat about work, personal brands and realized we are both Geminis! (I even guessed his exact birthday? It was incredibly random). I had an awesome egg white omelet and we drank the hell out of their coffee to try and combat our sleepiness. This is definitely someone I will hang out with again! Thanks for the great breakfast and fun chats Felix.


I then made my way over to Main st. to meet @ladnaladna (Anastasia) for some fun times and good eats at Campagnolo. We ate the most unbelievable pizza (I messed with my gluten intolerance for this fine delicacy). Anastasia even gave me some tickets to Yuk Yuks, where she works. She is a lovely woman, who is originally from Russia. She is currently a Marketing student and if you are searching for a fabulous intern, you should let her know.


Tonight I was boring and decided I needed to get some work done. I made some salad from the generous gifts of others and that was the night! One of the difficulties with this whole thing is trying to find time to do the normal things you do. It’s hard to find time for work or laundry or the little things that you don’t tend to think about when food is readily available. It must be difficult for families who don’t have regular access to food. Finding it can be a challenge and it can interrupt your day. The interruptions are well worth it on this adventure though. Looking forward to Monday and more adventures!

Quest Food Exchange

I have received so much generosity, that any of the food I cannot eat, I am planning to donate to questoutreach.org. Quest is a local not-for-profit organization that offers access to affordable and healthy food choices for those facing barriers to this basic necessity.

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