#TweettoEat: Day 12


Friday came and went and was quite lovely. I only have two days left on my journey. I challenge you this weekend to reach out to someone, anyone, say hello, introduce yourself and start up a conversation. You may be surprised by what comes out of it!

Coffee time!

Today I met Hong at Bean Around the World at Main and 20th (@BeanonMain20th) while I got my regular morning coffee. We surprised him with a free coffee and he was so nice, he thought I was telling him that he had to buy my coffee (not that he was getting a free coffee), and he was completely ready to buy me my drink! Nice to meet you Hong.

Day time snacks

During the day I ate some tomato soup (donated by @MetropolisatMet) and apples (donated by @Judithtracey)! I did also have some of the amazing Yay Nola from @WeAgainstGrain and it is UNREAL if you have an opportunity to pick some up, you should! Completely no grain, all seeds and nuts and sweetened lightly with apple sauce! Unreal! Regular, not so eventful day of eating in anticipation for veggie tacos with Adam for dinner!


Later in the evening I met up with @AdamHeatlie, who I had met up with the day before at the amazing James Blake concert at the Commodore Ballroom. Adam invited me over and made me some unbelievable veggies tacos. They were full of magic, I think anyhow. Adam is really one of the kindest people in Vancouver. We had a great evening of deep talks about life, great tunes (this dude knows his music) and amazing food (he’s a vegetarian too!). Looking forward to hanging out with Adam again soon!


Two days left

I only have two days left on this roller coaster ride! I am sad that it’s almost coming to an end, but now it almost feels like second nature, like this is just the way life is. Meeting people, sharing foods with new friends. Life is truly good!

Projecting Change Film Festival

Projecting Change is a 5-day film festival featuring award-winning documentaries and exploring themes such as environmental and social sustainability, empowerment, identity, and global culture.  Hosted in partnership with SFU Woodward’s, the curated film and speakers sessions and unique festival format are a platform for audience engagement, inspiration, and action.

On Saturday, April 27th at 4pm after the wonderful film, Eating Alabama I will be speaking about my 2 week #TweettoEat journey. I would love to see you there! Tickets are available here.

Quest Food Exchange

I have received so much generosity, that any of the food I cannot eat, I am planning to donate to questoutreach.org. Quest is a local not-for-profit organization that offers access to affordable and healthy food choices for those facing barriers to this basic necessity.

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Amy Elderkin has spent the past 5 years in Vancouver, eating (veggie and gluten free styles), and tweeting her way through this fine city. Her passions are social engagement, dancing, music and sunny days. Amy is one third of Social Media Management & Marketing Company, Popcorn. She can be found on twitter and instagram as @VancityAmy.