Dogtown Vancouver: My Pet Diaries Episode 3


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Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver: My Pet Diaries is Lucy. Here’s her story…

NAME: Lucy.
BACKGROUND: 8 years old “Pug”.
DIARY: Written by Karl, Tiffany, and Madaline – Owner of Hair Mode

Dear Diary,

It’s true what they say, “You don’t choose your dog, your dog chooses you”. Lucy left no doubt that she was choosing us as her family in 2005. We were actively looking for a Pug to join our family and happened upon an ad in the local paper announcing five beautiful Pug puppies ready for their new families. Within days we were viewing these adorable pups. All five puppies immediately came to us, sized us up, and promptly went back to their business… All except one. This sweet, tiny little pup with a black spot on the end of her tail kept coming back to us. She was determined to come home with us, so much so that she tried three times to climb into my wife, Tiffany’s purse! With determination like that, how could we not take Lucy home? Lucy chose us and we couldn’t be happier with this beautiful little sweetie in our lives!

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