Jaw Drop: Cooler Coolers Coolest


Getting asked to cover the hockey game and then getting to try local Vodka cooler brand was an easy sell, and a couple days since hanging out with the Jaw Drop Cooler Co.  crew at the game I am still going strong on a happy hangover.

One look at the packaging and design of their product puts a smile on the face, and with cheeky flavours like “Squeezing Melons”, it’s impossible not to want to try.  I came, I tried, I loved them.  To hear that Jaw Drop is a three person operation, completely local, and run by people that take a grass-roots approach to the liquor game, made the cooler taste even better.  Available in most lower mainland Liquor Stores at about $10 for 4 tall cans, I imagine this baby will be filling beach coolers in no time.

With the Canucks down three games, at least now you know how to drink the pain away.

Thanks to Samantha and the rest of the Jaw Drop crew for one of the best kick-offs to the summer, and for the taste of your awesomeness.

Jaw Drop Crew. photo: Aaron Alexander

For more info on JawDrop visit their website or find them on Twitter: @JawDropCoolerCo