This. Is. Awesome. @TELUS #givewherewelive


TELUS has been a Community Sponsor of ours going on 3 years now and every once in awhile we share a story about the work they do. As a community-minded organization, beyond giving millions of dollars to local charities every year ($44M in 2012), they also organize a day of giving where their employees are encouraged to go out and volunteer for different causes where they live. This year it was spread around with the #givewherewelive hashtag, and as some strange coincidence might have it their web site – – was designed by one of our other Community Sponsors, Domain 7. Have a LOOK.

On that site you’ll find stories about this year’s day of giving, one of them being where they asked their Facebook fans asked how they give back in their community. @kevcurtis (from Vancouver) told them his story about how he prepares meals & cooks for seniors at South Granville Seniors Centre, so the TELUS team surprised him… in a big way. See how in this video below…

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