Scene and Heard: Last Week In Music Vol. 160 ft. Cobra Ramone, Fields Of Green, Bend Sinister


sceneandheard SCENE AND HEARD showcases the independent music scene here in Vancouver. We post weekly guest playlists comprised of Vancouver artists and ‘Last Week in Music’ highlights some of the best concerts happening around the city…

Hello from NXNE! I’m about to embark on a week of music, parties and very little sleep. But back in Vancouver we asked the multi-talented Benjamin Caldwell to photograph the Bend Sinister show last week, and you can check out his photos below!

THIS WEEK IN MUSIC: head to the Media Club! On Thursday you can catch Mike Edel, with Young Pacific, and Brocken Spectre (who are releasing their EP) and on Friday, The River and The Road performs with Greg Drummond, and Christie Rose. Finally Sunday, catch Hooded Fang (yes at the Media Club too)! And on top of all this, Saturday Mother Mother is playing an all ages show at the Malkin Bowl (which is now sold out, so I hope you got your ticket)!

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