Van City Kitty: Meet Tobey Starks!


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Here are the deets on Tobey Starks, submitted by VIA reader : Alex Kennedy!

Name: Tobey Starks (aka Ghostface Kitty, Intern Tobey, Tobey Dick, Tobey Wan Kenobi, Vincent Van Tobes and The Boy.)

Breed/Colouring: Black with a wispy, white-flecked undercoat which he refuses access to for the purposes of brushing.

Hood: Davie Village, although he is indefinitely grounded and cannot leave his apartment due to an unspecified incident.

Habits: Grooming his father’s facial hair with his tongue,  depositing unwanted toys into his water dish to signal his displeasure with them, licking condensation off windows and occasionally the toilet tank, recording his “mixtape” (mostly just him meowing loudly and incessantly while instrumental hip hop plays on the stereo) and eating hair while it is still attached to people’s heads.

Hangouts: Tobey will often lie in wait by the door so he can run out into the hallway when his father comes home from work, only to stop short after going five feet, turn around and run back inside. He also enjoys sitting behind closed curtains and reaching out to paw at people who pass by through said curtains. He can also be found behind the sofa where he can reach up through a split in the back to play a game Alex likes to call “The Phantom Claw.”
Favorite Things: Cold running water first and foremost. Secondly rap music, the more cartoonishly thuggish the better.

Other Info: When Tobey was first seen on the VOKRA website, the word used to describe him was “rambunctious.” This has proven to be true, as Tobey enjoys horseplay and rough housing, and occasionally even some tomfoolery. Like so many outwardly tough boys, he is actually very sweet and loves to meet people and introduce them to his favourite games, like “Pearl Harbour Tummy Rub” and “Underfoot.” His namesake is rapper Ghostface Killah, we’d like to think it’s where his swagger comes from.
Tobey is a highly accomplished kitty and has a regular column in the VOKRA Mewsletter and is an intern at the industrial music website, I Die:You Die.

Tobey got a little decadent at his last birthday party. A quick search uncovered this telling instagram:

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