Day 4 of the Local Food Challenge


Day 4 consisted of a bunch of leftovers from the past few days, so to keep things fresh this recap is my sweet tooth edition. After learning that Edible on Granville Island sells a large array of BC products, I knew I had to make my first visit during my Local Food Challenge. As soon as I stepped inside I was met with a flurry of BC born foods.

I was exposed to a large selection of local products I never even knew existed! There were chocolates, honey, jams, cookies, spices, and oils. I had to give in to my sweet tooth and indulged in Cocolico chocolate where their website states the company “supports local farmers, businesses and suppliers and uses local and organic ingredients whenever possible.” Perfect.

I also went with Ginger Chocolate Cookies by Kitchening & Co. which were the ideal balance of cookie classics ginger and chocolate chip.

I stepped out with my goods and was about to cross the street when the words “100 Mile Goodness” caught my eye. What was this goodness, you ask? I can’t….I just can’t.

These deep fried in duck fat doughnuts are sinfully good and available through Edible’s take-out window. And while I’ve been keeping it pretty healthy so far, part of exploring our local food includes restaurants and products that incorporate local ingredients. I’m definitely going to bed dreaming of that Fraser Valley honey and Agassiz hazelnuts mixture.

Make sure your next “treat yo self” day consists of these delicious duckers. Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 5!