Celebrating Rick Howard Day in Vancouver! #rickhowardday #20yearsofgirl


Last night Antisocial on Main Street played host to an art exhibition celebrating 20 years in business for Los Angeles-based Girl Skateboards, which has huge ties to Vancouver (I encouraged you to attend in THIS POST a few days back). One of those ties is that a co-owner, pro skateboarder Rick Howard, is a proud Vancouverite and in two decades of business with them he has served as an ambassador of ours to the skateboarding world, representing Vancouver and its awesomeness.

The exhibition contained tons of memorabilia from the company over the years, a bunch of the skateboards they’ve released, some original artwork, archival photos and more. It was a super fun night with so much artwork, skateboarding memories, and free beer (WHAT?!).

When I lived in Los Angeles I worked for Rick and Girl Skateboards in their art department. For this celebration of their 20th year I was invited to designed a skateboard along with a bunch of other alumni. I wanted to make it extra special (and my graphic design chops are rusty) so I made it a concept board, successfully petitioning city hall to proclaim Rick his own day for being a positive ambassador for our city and country. The board is hanging behind Rick and City Councillor Tony Tang here in this photo below. It says RICK HOWARD IS AWESOME and has an interpretation of the official City of Vancouver seal which is on the plaque that Rick’s holding, and which Tony had presented to him in front of a crowd moments before I shot this photo.

Here’s the actual plaque itself, explaining exactly what Rick has done in order to get his own day of appreciation awarded by the City of Vancouver. He’s the first pro skateboarder to ever have this honour bestowed upon him, and the plaque (and the entire show, which is incredible) will be up at Antisocial until 7PM tonight. Get down there!

Check out some of the action that attendees posted of #rickhowardday HERE.