Dogtown Vancouver: My Pet Diaries Episode 7


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Today’s dogs featured in Dogtown Vancouver: My Pet Diaries are “Louis XIV” and “Marie Antoinette”. Here’s their story…

NAME: “Louis XIV” and “Marie Antoinette”.
BACKGROUND: Louis is a quiet 5 year old rescue dog and a Chihuahua-Daschund mix. Marie is a 1 year old feisty chihuahua from a line of champion showdogs.
DIARY: Dear Diary

We have two chihuahuas who are just like yin and yang. Louis XIV, the black mix rescue, is kind, peaceful, and sensitive to others around him. Marie Antoinette, the hyperactive white one, is a stubborn but very playful and energetic girl. They balance each other out, and bring much joy into our family. In late 2012, our family received very bad news that we were not prepared for. My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer right before Christmas Eve, and went into emergency on New Year’s Eve. It has been very painful on the family these several months. Each day gets more painful, but Louis’ patient and quiet temperament has been a source of ’emotional therapy’ for the family, and Marie’s playful antics keeps us feeling stronger and happier through these hard times. The dogs bring their own personalities into the family and to those around them, lighting up people’s days and bringing smiles to strangers who meet them.


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