Vancouver food truck does Mexican burritos right


Every six weeks or so, I take a day trip down to Bellingham to visit friends and family, buy some ridiculously cheap cheese, and eat some comfort food that I just can’t get in Vancouver. (The cheese in the states really is less than half the price than anything you’ll find up here.) And don’t get me wrong; there’s a plethora of comfort food options all over the city. My problem is the lack of good Mexican food to fill my belly and satiate that desire for a truly well-assembled burrito. You either have that desire now that I’ve mentioned it, or you’re not a fan of burritos. If you fall in the latter category, I aim to change your opinion on burritos, friends.


First of all, to find any street food in Vancouver, you’ll want to use that smartphone that’s constantly tethered to you. Sure, you could just walk around until you happen upon something you like, but that’s a fool’s way to search for sustenance when you’re craving something very specific. Here’s an app I found that is now free to download (and I paid a whole dollar a few months ago like a sucker). It will tell you which food trucks are open, which are nearby, hours of operation, and reviews. It’s the best food truck-specific app out there, and they’ve made everything super easy for you to find your lunch in a snap. Use it and love it. Now let’s get back to the food.

By all means, if you find yourself south of the 49th, you’re safe to try almost any Mexican restaurant, as they will deliver on the promise of authenticity. Up here, I can’t say the same. But I will tell you that I was quite surprised that the burrito I had from Arturo’s Mexico To Go recalled a recent trip to Bellingham where I had an authentically perfect burrito. They’re always parked on Cordova and Howe, and you can’t miss the huge silver truck painted with orange writing. AMTG’s burrito is delicious and well-put together, quite unlike this chap’s unfortunate experience. I had nary a drop of burrito leakage before peeling back the foil. Best of all, they serve some great Mexican sodas and Cokes. Maybe you weren’t aware, but Mexican Coke does indeed taste better than the American stuff. It’s made with cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup; the taste is richer, closer to a complex root beer, and it doesn’t leave you with that heavy feeling of guilt.



A few days after trying the burrito, I went back to AMTG for a single taco to fill in the cracks of my stomach. When I asked for whatever they thought was the absolute best fillings, they filled it with slow-cooked pork, chopped veggies, and some mild hot sauce. It was a very satisfying three-dollar snack, and I highly recommend ordering two or three of them in the event a meal-sized hunger pang hits unexpectedly. It’s filling, cheap, authentic, and easily accessible. It’s everything awesome you’d expect from a Vancouver food truck.

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