Hobby Chef Stories 6: #DinnerPartyYVR Momofuku Bo Ssam


On Saturday, October 19th, 30 different “hobby chefs” will open their homes to host simultaneous dinner parties during Social Bites Global Local, Vancouver: DinnerPartyYVR. Their guests will be gifted 100% of the ticket price which they can donate to charity via Chimp. Over the next week we’ll share some of the chef’s inspiration behind their delicious and do good stories. Peruse all of the menus here.



Heather Johnstone, an announcer for Vancouver Terminal City Roller Girls, loves eating with strangers. And if it’s eating with strangers withouth having to leave her house, even better! At this, her 3rd Social Bites event Heather is preparing “Momofuku,” a meal that is really about sharing and eating together, for the biggest #DinnerPartyYVR guest list!

What inspired you to serve Bo Ssam served with ssam sauce, ginger scallion sauce?
Every year for Christmas my brother gives me a cookbook. And last year he gave me David Chang’s Momofuku, which is full of beautiful stories, but it is so intimidating. Like the first recipe— it takes 7 days to make! So, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do it, conquer the cook book.

What can your guests expect at your apartment?
People can expect some fun. We have quite a stocked cocktail cabinet so you can expect a couple of cocktails and hopefully a good meal.

If you could go to any other dinner parties which would you attend? 
Jojo, thee Wonton Girl’s Wonton World: I went to one of Jojo’s dinners before and so I would love to eat her meal again!

Why did you choose the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter?
Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter is an organization that is set up by women to help women escaping violence, or women who have experienced violence. We’re not free until all women are free!

And one more, what do you love about Vancouver?
Heather love the opportunities to experience new food, meet people and fall in love in so many ways.

Heather’s meal is all sold out, but these dinners still have seats available:
Wonton World
Gluten Free Lamb Chops
Vegetarian Italian Tapas
Gluten Free Pumpkin Fest

It’s the final day to purchase tickets. They are $35 and include Granville Island beer, Serendipity Wine, entrance to HawkersMarket, and dinner. As well, Modo The Car Co-op will be matching each donation dollar with carsharing credits to each of the charities participating. Not to mention you’ll receive 100% back to donate to charity via Chimp. To find meals and buy tickets, visit socialbites.ca.

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