Vancouver Creatives


VNB Photo presents “Vancouver Creatives”: a collaborative Calotype photography project showcasing Vancouver’s best creative talent industry per industry. Between documentary and portraiture, this projects sets its focus on Vancouver’s creative ethos by photographing 20 of the most contributive business founders and individuals to Vancouver’s unique high-quality lifestyle and forward 21st C. identity as a world city. All portraits are taken on special coated paper using a massive 1920s 8×10 camera system.

Thanks to Vancouver is Awesome’s Editor-in-Chief Bob Kronbauer who loved the concept, VNB has been invited to expand the project’s media reach and audience further through a weekly VIA feature! Follow us every Wednesday for the next 20 weeks as the portfolio grows, and get ready to pitch in your own favourite Vancouver Creative for the last 5 portraits through our upcoming public call next early Spring!

Today, we’re proud to present Matthew Clark, Principal and Creative Director of Subplot Design Inc located in Gastown to open the “Vancouver Creatives” portfolio!


Through this project, we hope to help bring closer together some of the best artistic and entrepreneurial talents to be found in Vancouver today. VNB is also working at organizing a free public exhibition next summer showcasing all Calotype portraits as a celebration for all to attend and enjoy.

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