Weekly GoodBomb: Buy Local Week 2013


What’s a GoodBomb?  GoodBombs create positive impact in our communities. Where normal “bad bombs” blow stuff up, GoodBombs build stuff up. They are creative projects that aim to improve our environment, our communities, and the state of our world as a whole.


Buy Local Week 2013 is an annual celebration of local retailers, products, entrepreneurs and communities by LOCO BC, an alliance of businesses that help our local economy be the powerhouse it is today. Popular examples of LOCO BC members are Salt Spring Coffee, Cartems Donuterie, John Fluevog, The Soap Dispensary, BRITEweb, and others. According to them:

Did you know when you choose to spend your dollars locally, for every $100 you spend $46 is re-circulated back into the local economy? Local businesses help our communities thrive!



Check out the full project at GoodBomb.com/locobc/project/buy-local-week-dec-2-8-2013

How can you contribute to your local economy through Buy Local Week?

Questions? Compliments? Reach out to organizers, Amy and Julia, on GoodBomb.com or through their website, www.locobc.com/about/board.

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