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Commercial Drive Parklet

Just outside of Prado café at 1938 Commercial Drive, Julien Thomas, a social artist in Vancouver with a knack for transforming abstract ideas into interactive public projects, wants to convert two parking stalls into a Parklet. What is a Parklet you ask? Parklets transform on-street parking into places for people to sit, relax, and enjoy the city. Traditionally, parklets consist of an extended platform over a parking space and can include benches, tables, chairs, landscaping, and bike parking.

The Commercial Drive Parklet is one of a few projects selected as part of VIVA Vancouver’s 2013 Parklet Pilot Program. Unlike other projects led by large architecture and landscape architecture firms, this is the only one undertaken by active residents of the project neighbourhood. The parklet design has been developed by community members Stewart Burgess and Julien Thomas, and reflects a spartan design of steel beam and nominal cedar and fir planks. While VIVA seeks partnerships with local businesses, they remain public spaces open to all.

Prado Cafe Parklet

Julien recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $3,500 to help make this project a reality. With 21 days to go, he’s only $350 short of his goal. So head over to the Kickstarter campaign and pledge a few bucks to help this project happen!

The project has received $5000 in funding from the owner of Prado Cafe, as well as $1000 from the Awesome Foundation. With the help of a Parks Board grant and your contributions, we’ll be enjoying the Commercial Drive Parklet March 2014!

Check out the full project at GoodBomb.com/julienfthomas/project/commercial-drive-parklet!

Questions? Compliments? Reach out to Julien on GoodBomb.com, his Twitter page, or through his website at www.julienfthomas.com.

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