Your own little castle on Nita Lake in Whistler


Welcome to the latest in our Super, Neighbours series of blog posts where we highlight incredible travel destinations in British Columbia!

I don’t suppose we could’ve chosen a better weekend to head up to Whistler than this past one, as the resort municipality experienced an insane snowfall (more than two feet) over the span of our trip. We’ll get to the winter activities in the next post but for now it’s all about the accommodations at Nita Lake Lodge.

I’d been to the lodge on a previous travel writing excursion by myself – for a summer trip – and was so happy to bring my small family along this time to enjoy the winter wonderland that snuck in right after we did.

As the name implies, the lodge is nestled on the edge of Nita Lake in the area known as Creekside. About a five minute drive from the Whistler Village, a 500 metre jump to one of the gondolas that goes up Whistler mountain, and two steps from one of the paved trails that winds its way around the area, through town, past other lakes, streams, and other sights. It’s a boutique hotel with only 77 rooms, all quite large, and the service you receive is second-to-none partly thanks to that.


We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite which was roughly the same size as the 2 bedroom townhouse we inhabit in the city, and it was pretty much a perfect fit… with ceilings just a bit higher than the ones we’re used to.


The bedroom on the main floor opens up to the living room as well as the main floor bathroom that houses a fabulous soaker tub.


Just out of view to the left of the tub here are the hinged swinging doors (pictured right, above) that open the space up to the bedroom.


I asked my son to sit in this photo for size reference as the second floor was quite a surprise; instead of being a tiny add-on it’s actually a suite in its own right complete with a chaise, widescreen TV and a bathroom with a shower that’s comparable to the size of some Vancouver bachelor suites.


Seriously, look at the size of that shower.


This is the view from the second room (you can see the hinged windows two photos up), looking down into the living room. Yes that is a gas fireplace and yes we spent quite a bit of time in front of it during our stay.


The comfort of the suite is compounded by the fact that they cater to beats like this guy below! Frankie enjoyed many a snack from the front desk staff and the freedom to roam with us which, as many of you pet owners know, isn’t the most common thing when staying in hotels.


As a teaser to an upcoming post I’m sharing this side-by-side of photos I shot from my July trip and one I just captured in January. Beauty flows throughout the naturally occurring seasons outside and the built form of the hotel and I would recommend it to anyone interested in staying in Whistler, just a step away from the hustle-bustle and action of the Village. Your suite is like your own castle within a castle, on a glacier-fed lake. Near perfect, really.


Learn more at and stay tuned as I’ll be taking you in to enjoy some food at their Aura Restaurant, and outside for some winter fun.

Oh, and in case you missed it over the weekend week, here’s the segment I did on CKNW with Mike Eckford about Whistler and Nita Lake Lodge: