Super, Neighbours in BC: Feast Tofino 2014 – Part Five: Dine Up The Inlet


Welcome to the latest series of Super, Neighbours blog posts where we highlight incredible travel destinations in British Columbia!

Feast Tofino was back for it’s fourth year and was bigger and better! Running throughout May, it featured “Stay and Dine” packages, as well as $29, $39 and $49 “Dine About” set price menus, special events, and celebrates “local, sustainable fisheries [and is a] collaboration between acclaimed local and regional guest chefs, restaurants, fishermen, foragers and farmers, all of whom celebrate in ‘boat-to-table’ food philosophy and great West Coast times…”

Throughout my series of posts I’m going to show you around…from travelling to Tofino, to the delicious food, fun activities you can try, places you can stay and people you can meet.

If you missed it, click here for: Part One – Getting There. Part Two – Where To Stay. Part Three – What To Do. Part Four – Beachside BBQ, and finally, the grand finale: Dine Up The Inlet!…

I’m sorry if I’ve been making your stomach rumble and mind wander off with these posts…but it’s going to do it again. My finally dinner for the Feast Tofino festival was “Dine Up The Inlet” – at boat trip with West Coast Aquatic Safaris, and dinner on said boat by The Wolf In The Fog, in support of the Pacific Rim Whale Festival.

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The Wolf In The Fog, who was providing the food for the evening, is a brand new restaurant that is about to open in Tofino. Chef Nick Nutting and his team greeted everyone with a delicious watermelon cocktail to start while Smalltown Empire performed on the top deck.

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It was “Crab Week” for Feast Tofino, so that was the theme for the dinner…EVERYTHING had crab in it. The first course was a Wild Leek Soup with Dungeness Crab and Crisp Potatoes; the teacups balanced precariously, yet perfectly, on the moving boat.

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After the canapé of soup, the rest of the meal was laid out buffet-style (impressively balanced again), and included:
Ceviche w/ Dungeness Crab, Cauliflower & Crab Salad, Crab Remoulade, Crab Ravioli, some delicious fresh bread, and was followed by Red Shellfish Curry (w/ Crab, Spot Prawns, Thai Basil & Bok Choy), and Crab Cakes.

Is your mouth watering yet? Well, check out the photos below…

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Between courses we learned a bit more about West Coast Aquatic Safaris and their tours (more info here), and about the Wolf In The Fog, which is set to open this month (June 2014).
I actually got a chance to stick my head into their space while it was under construction and tour around (photo here and another here) and I can’t wait to head back to Tofino ASAP and try it out. Did you SEE the size of the bar in that second photo?

Oh and here’s their promo vide, if you enjoyed this post, you’ll enjoy this…

If dinner and wine on a boat in an inlet wasn’t enough, Tofino provided a pretty epic sunset as we headed back into the shore to top it all off… (here’s a video I made as well).

tofinomay2014-mcavoy-0187 tofinomay2014-mcavoy-0196

That’s it! It’s over…are you as sad as I was? Another amazing trip to an amazing place, and I can’t wait to go back!

HUGE thanks to Tourism Tofino (and Feast Tofino) for inviting me out again. To Samantha and Long Beach Lodge, and Stephen and Pacific Sands Beach Resort for housing (and entertaining, and feeding!) me. To RedCan Gourmet, Spotted Bear Bistro, and Wolf In The Fog for amazing meals and great company (and to Tofino Oyster Bar for some delicious oysters). BC Ferries, Honda (and West Coast Aquatic Safaris) for the rides, Otalith Festival for the tunes (see you in August!), and Sharon Whalen (seriously, look into the Sea Wench products!) and Chris Taylor for showing me so much hospitality on Clayoquot Island Preserve.

Keep coming back to VIA for more Super Neighbours posts (Oliver/Osoyoos is next) and let us know if there is a place we should check out!
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Travel safe!