Vancouver on the Cheap: Kadampa Meditation Centre


If you were to create a Venn diagram where one circle was labeled “cheap” and the other labeled “awesome”, the middle point where they cross over could be labeled “Vancouver on the Cheap”. In other words, this is a weekly series on things to do and places to go in Vancouver that fall into that magical category of being both cheap and awesome.

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There are a lot of things to do in Vancouver, and what with all the hiking, water sports, beach days, and arts festivals, it can get a little stressful. Thank goodness for Kadampa Meditation Centre! This is the perfect place to take a little time to let your mind rest. And it won’t add an additional stress on your bank account. They feature several free or cheap options – Sunday afternoons take part in their Meditation for World Peace for free, they even will take your kids into a child-friendly meditation class while you do it. Or pop by for a lunch break breather on Fridays for only $3. The rest of their classes are 1.5 hours and $10 a pop, unless you buy five at once, then you get one free. All-in-all, a great way to gain a little peace of mind!

group meditating 3

Kadampa Meditation Centre
1833 Victoria Diversion

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