Do you eat meat? Could you kill that animal you’re having for dinner? Canada’s best food show goes hunting


Last week I shared the FIRST and SECOND episodes of Salt, Fresh & Field, a new show where host Chad Brealey brings people out to catch/hunt food in Western Canada – from the ocean (Salt), fresh water (Fresh) and the woods (Field) – then they bring it back to top tier chefs who prepare a feast. Without reservation I can say that this is the best food show in Canada.

In this third episode Chad takes Chef Jeff Van Geest hunting for whitetail deer in Oliver. Known for his farm to table cooking, Jeff has never killed for his own table. Will he be successful in feeding a restaurant full of hungry guests? Here, watch:

Learn more about the show HERE and at They’re working on more episodes as you read this and you can rest assured we’ll be sharing them as they become available.