WEEK 240: The Acoustic Guitar Project


sceneandheard SCENE AND HEARD showcases the independent music scene here in Vancouver.
With over 36,000+ artists, boasting more than 150,000+ tracks, the CBC Music/CBC Radio 3 web site is the absolute ultimate authority, and the home, of independent music in Canada.
With that massive library along with tools for members (free to join!), we’re taking advantage of what they’ve set up by bringing you a fresh batch of music every week featuring local groups who have tracks (entire albums, even!) on the R3 site.

The premise of The Acoustic Guitar Project is simple. The guitar arrives at the artists door, and the artist has one week to write and record a song on it.
When they’re finished, they sign the guitar and pass it on to the next musician, and once it’s been through a selection of musicians (in Vancouver’s case, 10), a concert is thrown to showcase all the songs written for the project (plus a few originals from each artist).

And that is exactly what is happening this Wednesday, September 10th at the Wise Hall – with performances by: Jasper Sloan Yip, Daniel McBurnie (Good for Grapes), Jenny Ritter, Melissa Bandura (Familiar Wild), Adrian Glynn (The Fugitives), David Newberry, Lydia Hol, Neil Hammond (Cleia, Thereafter), Winston Hauschild, and Sarah Wheeler.

We asked Lydia Hol, the artist responsible for organizing the Vancouver edition of the project, to pick songs from each of the performers for this week’s playlist…which you can hear by clicking the images below. If you want to check out some of the songs that the artists wrote, they are on the Acoustic Guitar Project website – Vancouver edition, which you can see by clicking here…or hear them live at the show on Wednesday!

Have a great week!

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