Mother Nature whips the teachers strike into even MORE of a frenzy with a mini tornado!


There’s little awesomeness to be found on either side of the teachers strike (or any strike for that matter), so we promised we wouldn’t be posting much about it beyond THIS FEATURE where we listed some ideas about what parents could do with their $40 a day during it (allotted by the government) in order to benefit their kids. However this morning the Globe and Mail SHARED this incredible video below of a mini tornado whipping the BCTF picket line at Queen Elizabeth Secondary in Surrey “into a frenzy” and it was just too weird not to share.

The next news we’ll be sharing about the impasse will be when it’s announced that it’s over, and that kids will be returning to school soon. Our fingers are crossed that we’ll be reporting that news to you sooner than later but it’s anyone’s guess when this will all wrap up. Hang in there kids, parents, teachers, government and union folks!

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