Vancouver on the Cheap: Reflections at Vancouver Lookout


If you were to create a Venn diagram where one circle was labeled “cheap” and the other labeled “awesome”, the middle point where they cross over could be labeled “Vancouver on the Cheap”. In other words, this is a weekly series on things to do and places to go in Vancouver that fall into that magical category of being both cheap and awesome.

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We all know that Vancouver has a killer skyline, and to witness the sun setting over the mountains, ocean, and cityscape all at once is a sight to behold. Now, we’ve got a lot of tall buildings, and few that are taller than the Vancouver Lookout. Located just before Waterfront Station with a 360º view of the city, it’s pretty spectacular. It’s also not necessarily an accessible option to those of us living life “on the cheap”. Luckily there’s an event tonight where you can take in the gorgeous view and check out some art at the same time, all for FREE. Reflections at Vancouver Lookout is an exhibit of 30 art students from Capilano College that features paintings of the city, with a backdrop of the city.

Reflections at Vancouver Lookout

Reflections at Vancouver Lookout
Friday, September 19th at 5pm
Vancouver Lookout – 555 W Hastings St

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