The first underwater footage of sockeye salmon at their spawning grounds this year


For the finale of our #insearchofthesockeye series I’ve been working on over the past few weeks, I headed up to the Adams River near Salmon Arm BC yesterday to check out the sockeye salmon. These are the ones who made it beyond the commercial fishermen and the sportfishermen (like me) and into their spawning grounds in what was predicted as the largest return on record and has turned out to be a bit less… but nothing short of a bumper year. I was one of the first people through the gates of Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park yesterday as the Adams River Salmon Society kicked off their Salute to the Salmon Festival festival which they throw every four years as the dominant runs return. I was planning on posting this video I shot with my phone in a later post but simply couldn’t wait.

In a couple of weeks the fish will be shoulder-to-shoulder in this same spot, but 13 salmon in a few seconds isn’t too shabby. Stay tuned for the full report on the blog early next week.

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