6 new books with the word “Vancouver” in the title


This year there will be no shortage of new releases for people on your holiday gift list who love to read about Vancouver. From the wonderful picture book that is “Vancouver Light” by David Nunuk to the meticulously researched, for-history-buffs-only “Sensational Vancouver” by Eve Lazarus, below are a few of a fairly wide range of Vancouver-themed (and named!) books that have shown up at our office over the past couple of months and which we recommend gifting.

6 new books with the word "Vancouver" in the title

By Vancouver Is Awesome

Some gifts for the Vancouver lover on your list

  • Vancouver Confidential edited by John Belshaw

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Many notable Vancouver historians teamed up on this collection of short stories exploring our "raw urban culture". It’s a refreshing take on our history and shares more than a few yet-untold stories.

  • Vancouver Is Ashes by Lisa Anne Smith

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The real story of the great fire of 1886 which decimated Vancouver. Local historian John Atkin raved "This is how history should be written"

  • Live at the Commodore – Vancouver’s Ballroom

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Aaron Chapman, author of "Liquor, Lust, and the Law" (the bestselling history of Vancouver’s Penthouse Nightclub), explores 80+ years of this rock n’ roll institution we all love.

  • Sensational Vancouver by Eve Lazarus

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    This meticulously researched history book made it to #1 on the BC Bestsellers List and is a must for residents interested in unexplored stories of Vancouver’s past.

  • Vancouver Light by David Nunuk

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    This stunning, large format, coffee table book consists of mostly panoramic photography, showing a fairly accurate depiction of all of the beautiful parts of our city. 

  • Wallpaper City Guide – Vancouver

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    A guide for both tourists and locals alike, this pocket-sized book is surprisingly thorough. Check out the "Urban Life" section for some spots you might not have visited but absolutely should!

Last year our history book, Vancouver Was Awesome by Lani Russwurm, was one of the locally-themed new releases. It made it to number 3 on the BC Bestsellers List and, as you can imagine, it’s absolutely timeless as all of the stories in it took place decades ago. It’s still available in most of the bookstores around the city (from Chapters to Pulp Fiction), and it too makes a great gift.


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