This is Vancouver’s Most Awesome CORNER STORE in 2014!


mostawesome2014 Vancouver is home to some of the best independent corner stores in Canada. Chock full of sugary snacks and character, most with outer signage that speaks to bygone times. While they may be somewhat plentiful today, this city of ours changes fast and before we know it they could all be replaced by generic chains or – even worse – simply disappear. Luckily for you, photographer Jason Statler has made it his mission to capture images of all of these wonderful establishments. In his “At Your Convenience” series he’s cataloging everything from your favourite mom n’ pop shop on the West side of Boundary Road to that place on Mackenzie that makes the best Screamers in all of Dunbar.

Most who live in Mount Pleasant will tell you (like we are) that Hasty Market on the corner of 16th Avenue and Main Street is the best in all of the land. A semi-well-kept secret is that they carry a wide variety of “imported” pops: American Mountain Dew with caffeine! Cherry Coke! Vanilla Coke! Vanilla Pepsi! Cherry Diet Pepsi! Zahid and Ali who run the place have everything you need, including charm and gratitude for you shopping with them. A friendlier pair you surely will not find.

Lastly, outside of the store there’s a working payphone sitting below their signage which, over the years, someone keeps returning to vandalize. Where the sign reads “Hasty Market” during the day, at night when the backlighting turns on it gets transformed magically into “Nasty Market” by way of a subtle layer of mischievously placed paint. It surely makes the owners irate, but it’s an endearing part of the charm of this, the most awesome corner store in all of Vancouver.

Photo: Jason Statler
Photo: Jason Statler

This is one of our Editor’s Picks! Check out all of the winners of Most Awesome Awards from the Readers Choice below.

2014 Most Awesome Awards – Readers Choice

By Vancouver Is Awesome

Nominated by the readers of Click the links in each slide to learn more about the winners!

  • Most Awesome Building Manager

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    John Davis!

  • Most Awesome Teenager

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Tomas Lang!

  • Most Awesome Amateur Sports League

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Terminal City Roller Girls!

  • Most Awesome Sharing Advocate

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Joni McKervey!

  • Most Awesome Good Will Ambassador

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Bif Naked!

  • Most Awesome Graphic Design Advocates

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Ross Milne and Grace Partridge!

  • Most Awesome Doctor

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Doctor Julio Montaner!

  • Most Awesome Charitable Entrepreneur

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Ken Lyotier of United We Can!

  • Most Awesome Sports Fans

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Vancouver Whitecaps FC supporters!

  • Most Awesome Librarian

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Sheila Mclean!

  • Most Awesome Free Thing

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The Vancouver Public Library!

  • Most Awesome Walking Bridge

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The one in East Van featured in The Raymur Mothers!

  • Most Awesome Place to Regain Faith in Humanity

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Sol Convenience Store!

  • Most Awesome Public Park

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Stanley Park!

  • Most Awesome Knitters

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Knit Social!

  • Most Awesome TV Show

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic!

  • Most Awesome Soup

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Peaceful Noodle’s Spicy Tangy Dumpling Soup!

  • Most Awesome FREE Music Event Series

    By Vancouver Is Awesome!

  • Most Awesome Ocean Conservation Program

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise!

  • Most Awesome Local Food Advocate

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Chad Brealey from Salt, Fresh & Field!

  • Most Awesome Animal Rights Organization

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The BC SPCA’s Vancouver branch!

  • Most Awesome Kitchen Rescue Organization

    By Vancouver Is Awesome


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