Fuel is Back!


Community is everything to us. We care about global, local, and individual concerns. Everyone has a voice, everybody has something to offer. We need more opportunities to create collaborations, as it brings together people from all walks of life to transform ideas into action.

Six months ago, FUEL held its inaugural forum to begin to explore the social, environmental and technological shifts of our time. Over 400 business leaders, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs and citizens gathered to reimagine the future across four sectors: Design, Sustainability, Technology, and Health.

They have just released The FUEL Report – a summary of the ideas and discussions shared at their last event, links to presentations, participant feedback and further insights into what was learned.

Knowledge is power, and it is important to stay informed regarding global problems and solutions. The next event is planned for the end of May. Find out more information by visiting FuelVancouver.ca