Steelhead trout. Yum!


When Salt, Fresh & Field launched their inaugural season last year I called it the “best food show (if not the best show period) in Canada”. This week as they launch a new series under the banner of Salt, Fresh & Field Outpost. Prety much the only difference between the new one and the old one is that these ones are bite-sized and made for this medium as opposed to the 22 minute long ones made for television.

In this first episode of Outpost the host, Chad Brealey, takes us to a place we might not otherwise visit and catches an elusive steelhead trout. Then he makes one heck of a meal out of it. He takes us out there and delivers insight on our food as well as our environment in British Columbia, and for that alone I love him/this.

Again, this is the best food show out. And it’s 1 of 12 they’re releasing in this series. Bon appétit.

Salt, Fresh & Field OUTPOST – "Steelhead" from Salt, Fresh & Field on Vimeo.