$20,000,000 project launches to help bring back salmon


It’s easy for stories about declining numbers of salmon to get lost when we’ve got sockeye salmon returning up the Fraser River in RECORD BREAKING numbers, but the truth is that for every really great salmon stories there are a couple of dismal ones that don’t get any play in the media. One that has managed to fall between the cracks for the past couple of decades is how the thriving coho and chinook fishery in the Strait of Georgia was almost completely obliterated over just two years in the mid 1990s. But thankfully the Pacific Salmon Foundation have recently launched a joint project where $20,000,000 is being spent to study the biological and environmental factors limiting this salmon production and the marine ecosystem, then to apply that research and help bring the salmon back. Watch the quick video below for an overview of this massive project, then dig deeper at marinesurvivalproject.com.

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