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Remember Vancouver WAS Awesome, our alternative history book that made it onto the BC Bestsellers list? We’ve teamed up with Arsenal Pulp Press once again to release another title, this time taking a look all around our province! The release is quite a ways off but we wanted to get the word out early in case you’ve got an offbeat story from BC’s history (that hasn’t been widely told) that you want to share with us. Full details from the publisher are below.


ARSENAL PULP PRESS is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of BC WAS AWESOME: A Curious Pictorial History by Bob Kronbauer, publisher of Vancouver Is Awesome, a community-based media company and website, and the flagship property of the Canada Is Awesome Network.

BC WAS AWESOME promises to be an uninhibited, colourful alternative history of our province, featuring the kind of stories that don’t make it into textbooks or mainstream histories. Touching on every corner of Canada’s westernmost province, the book will include stories from before 1871 (when British Columbia became a province) up to and including 2010 (the year of Vancouver’s Winter Olympics). Full of quirky anecdotes imbued with the wry sensibility of Vancouver Is Awesome, and featuring both colour and black-and- white photographs, BC WAS AWESOME will be a rollicking, no- holds-barred ride through British Columbia at its wackiest, weirdest, and most wonderful. It’ll be awesome!

BC WAS AWESOME: A Curious Pictorial History will be published in the fall of 2017.

For more information about the book, contact:
Brian Lam, Publisher, Arsenal Pulp Press

For editorial inquiries or story ideas:
Bob Kronbauer

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Bob is our founder and Editor-in-Chief. A family man and outdoors enthusiast in his 3rd decade of publishing, he steers the V.I.A. ship, hosts our 'BC Was Awesome' history TV show and co-hosts our weekly podcast. bobk@vancouverisawesome.com