Here’s South Main Street as it looked in 2011. Every single block of it.


For 5 months back in 2011, Jennifer Okrusko and David Niddrie shot photos of every single block of Main Street from 2nd to 33rd Avenue. Admitting to being a part of the first wave of gentrification of what was once a sketchy area they began to misplace where businesses like Juicy Chicken and the original Slickity Jim’s once stood, so they decided to document it. They shot photos on both East and West sides of the street then made all of the images available at a website that I just recently found. It felt like I stumbled across a time capsule though it was only 4 years ago that the street looked like this, and if you’ve spent time there you’re going to love it.

Have a look at for the goods, and be sure to leave your memories with them HERE as they’re collecting stories.

‘Last House’ - Main Street / 20th – 21st Ave / East. Courtesy
‘Last House’ – Main Street / 20th – 21st Ave / East. Courtesy
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