The Main Street Turd story just got a whole lot bigger. #mainstreetturd


The Main Street Turd story that we BROKE is the dookie that keeps on giving! The most recent chapter happened when somebody evacuated the GOLDEN TURD and REPLACED IT with an actual log, and we thought that might be the sad ending to this code brown story.

Lo and behold the turd’s creator, Stu Garret, wouldn’t let his real life emoji get wiped off Main Street. Yesterday he laid down a brand new sculpture at the base of the Main Street Poodle’s throne!


This one is easily twice as big as the original, illustrated by this work-in-progress photo that Stu sent us (below), and as was REPORTED by the Langara Voice, the original poo was actually a geocache. Some of the members of the geocaching community have been coiling some heat on us for “outing” this awesome piece of our city’s story but as Stu tells us “It was outed by two things – a geocacher that didn’t place the cache back properly, and recent landscape maintenance. This placed the cache in clear view of everyone. One of the people who saw it just happened to be a [writer] for Vancouver Is Awesome. Please don’t blame the messenger for any thefts or any tampering that took place with the geocache.”

As you’ll see below the original Main Street Turd magically reappeared while Stu was creating the new one, so if you’re a geocacher just look a little harder for it. The big one is a decoy for us muggles!


Thanks again to Stu for making this story happen. In his words, “The turd belongs to the public now.”

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