5 TV Shows Every Adventurous Soul Should Watch


Have you always had a fascination with nature and travel? Do you enjoy a great hike or camping trip any day of the week? If so, then you may just be an adventurous soul. When jetting off is not a viable option, experiencing the wonders of the natural world through HD television programs is the next best thing. Just in case you’re lost on where to start, TELUS Optik TV™ has over 20 channel theme packs to choose from, catering to even the pickiest of tastes.

Start living your vicarious adventure by checking out the following shows, which can all be accessed by subscribing to TELUS Optik TV™ “Explore” and “World & Beyond” channel theme packs.

TV Shows Every Adventurous Soul Should Watch

By Vancouver Is Awesome

  • Naked and Afraid – Discovery Channel

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    "Naked and Afraid" pits man and woman against nature—nude, exposed, and left to fend for themselves, the way our ancestors were. It truly is a test of one’s survival skills!

  • Deadliest Catch – Discovery Channel

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    "Deadliest Catch" is the highest-rated Discovery Channel series of all time, and for good reason too. Following the adventures of a group of fishermen aboard their fishing vessel, the show gives viewers a glimpse into the harsh and unforgiving environment of the high seas.

  • River Monsters – Animal Planet

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    There has always been a human fascination with what lurks in the deep—made evident by all the folklore surrounding "lake monsters" around the world. "River Monsters" addresses that very fascination by introducing the strangest creatures that swim in the depths—some of which may have inspired those local legends.

  • Destination Wild – Nat Geo Wild

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Documenting different environments and animals from around the world, "Destination Wild" will take you on a new adventure with every episode.

  • Stranger Than Nature – Nat Geo Wild

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    Chronicling the various unexplained phenomena that occur in nature—from strange lights to even stranger animals— "Stranger Than Nature" will have you wondering what lies beyond the confines of your city.

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