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A primary goal of Interesting Vancouver has always been to inspire people to try new things they otherwise might not have attempted, so we’re proud to host DoShops on July 25th with fascinating Vancouverites like piñata artist Meaghan Kennedy (IV13) and yoyo champion Harrison Lee (IV14). IV DoShops Tickets on sale now.

Let’s makes some piñatas and smash them!


Meaghan Kennedy is a professional piñata artist. Yup. That’s a thing. She made her first piñata a mere five years ago for a local cable show and fell in love with the craft-making process, leaving her professional life behind forever. Her piñatas have been featured in GQ, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Huffington Post, Globe and Mail, CTV News, Elle Canada, Ion Magazine, Vancouver is Awesome, and The Georgia Straight. In a recent interview with Hot Art Wet City, K she had her first solo show this year, Kennedy talked about the lessons she learned while embracing art as a second career, and how taking initiative, putting herself out there, and working hard led to opportunities and success.

At the IV DoShop Meaghan will be hosting a hands on workshop on how to design and produce beautiful piñatas that you can do at home.

When is the last time you YoYoed?


Harrison is a YoYo boy wonder who competed around the world. In the world of yo-yo, Harrison is known as the hurricane—and he’s only 15 years old!   He first picked up a yoyo at 11 years old and has been ‘throwing’ since. Often referred to as Vancouver’s “YoYo Kid”, Harrison is no stranger to the media, having been interviewed in print, TV, and radio. Harrison became the 2013 Canadian National Freestyle YoYo Champion, represented Canada at the 2014 World YoYo Championship in Prague, Czech Republic, and recently took first place at the Western Canadian Regional Yoyo Championship. Here’s a recent spot on Global TV about Harrison’s journey from YoYo hobbiest to being rated the 26th best YoYoer in the world.

At the IV DoShop Harrison will demonstrate a few tricks anyone can learn, whether you’re rusty or a beginner. And lucky attendees will get to take home a quality YoYo of their own to practice with—who knows, maybe you’ll become a YoYo champion too?

Come DO SOMETHING Interesting!

On July 25, 2015, Interesting Vancouver (in partnership with MakerLabs) is proud to host “DoShops”, gatherings of curious people wanting to explore, discover and learn about interesting hobbies, passions and obsessions through hands-on demonstrations. Participants can choose between Piñata-making with Meaghan Kennedy or Throwing Yo-Yo Tricks with Harrison Lee. Sessions will start at 10am and last three hours with a lunch break (food and drinks included). Roll up your sleeves and get ready to ‘Do’!

More information and tickets available on our Eventbrite page.

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