IV15 – Thank You ‘Interesting’ Support Partners


This Friday (Nov. 6th) marks the eighth annual Interesting Vancouver taking place at SFU Woodward’s Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. 

Being a greed-free community engagement initiative, Interesting Vancouver has a lot to be thankful for. We wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to the following supporting partners (we never would have been able to pull off Interesting Vancouver 2015 without you)!

iv15supportpartners v2On Friday, we’ll also unveil the winner of the Interesting Vancouver 2015 prize. Created by Eclipse Awards, this award is salvaged from a local wind-fallen tree, specially cured to retain its bark edge, then custom engraved with the winner’s name. Not only will the winner receive this beautiful one-of-a-kind prize, they’ll be given $1000 in prize money to help pursue their interesting hobby, passion or action. As a final part of the prize, the winner will be invited to speak about their interesting passion at Interesting Vancouver 2016.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets for Interesting Vancouver 2015 yet, do so before they sell out. It’ll be the most interesting event you’ll attend because there’s going to be food, cool speakers, delectable samples from the Little Locavore and Mike Cober, great music, and the best part: you’ll get to meet some interesting people.

So, start your November off with an ‘interesting’ night – come join us for food, fun, and inspiration. Grab your tickets here.

P.S. If you’d like to listen to something ‘interesting’, head to our Interesting Vancouver Presents podcast – the latest episode is live. Check it out here.

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Interesting Vancouver is an annual cross-disciplinary gathering of fascinating people sharing their hobbies, obsessions, and passions. The purpose is to expand the collective vision of what is uniquely possible in Vancouver and done by Vancouverites through interesting stories, explorations, and discoveries. The aim is to connect and cross-pollinate interesting or interested minds across any and all disciplines. The belief is great ideas come from the unexpected connections made in life.