If 2015 wasn’t your BEST. YEAR. EVER… then you should watch this


Sunny Lenarduzzi has been killing it this year. Watching this broadcaster and social media strategist build her personal brand around helping others build their brands has been a joy; few things get me more stoked than seeing fellow Vancouver entrepreneurs succeed.

This morning Sunny released a Youtube video about her Best. Year. Ever. (this year). Not gloating about financial successes or business wins, in it she shares her personal story of why she started her business in the first place and how she starts every day with a smile and ends it with gratitude. Her Youtube channel is one of the few I subscribe to and it generally contains practical (read: extremely helpful!) social media how-to’s, and while this one does share some tips on how to make the best of 2016 it’s really more of an interesting story laced with motivation. Check it out, then start plotting out how you’re going to make the most of the coming year!

Oh, and learn more about Sunny and what she does at sunnylenarduzzi.com