Man documents his “toilet tour” of Vancouver on a popular blog


Back in 2011 an Australian man who the internet knows only as “Dan” started an Instagram experiment: he wanted to see how many photos of toilets he would have to post before somebody liked one. And it took only a single photo, of course. From there he started a blog called Toilography. While simultaneously creating a name for a genre of photography that nobody knew existed he launched a blog and has never looked back.

Toilography is mostly photos of photos in Montreal where Dan now lives but he tends to travel and of course he shoots and shares toilet photos and insight wherever he goes. In November he visited Vancouver and did what Darren Barefoot (who alerted me to Toilography) calls a “toilet tour” hitting up some of our most notable establishments like Bon’s and Budgie’s Burritos. The result is an entertaining look into the bowl, from an outsider’s perspective. Have a look at his tour HERE.

Images c/o
Images c/o
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