4 reasons for single parents on income assistance to consider employment training



Being a single parent isn’t always easy. You’re busy with day-to-day activities and may not have time to plan for the future. If you’re a single parent on income or disability assistance, the thought of pursuing training might seem impossible. With the help of programs like the Single Parent Employment Initiative, training for a new job in BC doesn’t have to be something you wait to do. You can get training or work experience, and childcare and transit will be covered. So why wait? 

1. Funding Opportunities

The Single Parent Employment Initiative provides single parents who are currently on income or disability assistance with financial support while training or preparing for in-demand jobs. Developed to help parents like you find employment, the program covers the costs of up to 12 months of training or on-the-job work experience, transit, and childcare. Balancing your education and your family is challenging—this program could help. 

2. Finding The Career That’s Right For You

Without training it can be difficult to find a job that both interests you and helps you support a family. Many jobs, like those in trades, technology or administration often require a diploma or on-the-job experience. Some careers or programs that are eligible for the Single Parent Employment Initiative include Early Childhood Educator, Medical Office Assistant and Welding Foundation. Take a look here at how the Single Parent Employment Initiative helped Jodi find her fit. 

3. Boost Your Confidence

Learning, in a classroom, virtually or on the job, is empowering, opens up new opportunities and makes you feel confident in your new-found knowledge. Gain new skills, and a new future that provides security for you and your family.

4. Be A Role Model For Your Kids

By showing your children that learning is important, you’ll teach them to value their education and the merits of hard work. When you plan for your future, you're also laying the foundation for your children to plan theirs. 

As a single parent on assistance, once you've completed your training, you'll be amazed at the opportunities you’ll have to find your fit in BC’s growing economy. 
To find out if you're eligible for the Single Parent Employment Initiative, visit your local WorkBC Employment Services Centre and visit gov.bc.ca to see what other opportunities you and your family may be eligible for.

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