#ArtistAtHome with Matt Rhode


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From what it took to make this photo, I know who will not be getting a Christmas Card from the downstairs neighbours – this #ArtistAtHome Matt Rhode, the bass player in Bend Sinister.

To say that we had fun during this shoot would be a severe understatement. We rocked the Huey Lewis & The News album ‘Sports’, talked about his limited edition Dingwall Basses, growing up in Saskatchewan, touring, roommates and how cool it is to have a hammock hanging in your living room. A great showman with a distinct style, Matt is a solid dude, and ladies…he is single.

Matt left Saskatoon around 2004 to move to Vancouver on a whim. He had one of those moments where he wanted a change, to conquer something, so he moved to Vancouver to start his path to world domination via Rock n’ Roll. Within his first year, he was on stage in the UK at a 300,000 person festival called Download, and he has never looked back.

#ArtistAtHome Matt Rhode
Matt Rhode high kicking at home.

He joined up with the Bend Sinister gang to help record their album ‘Small Fame’ in 2012. The band is known for high-energy progressive indie rock, and Matt loves to incorporate high kicks and big jumps in his performance. During their show in Rifflandia last year, Matt landed a really sweet jump off the drum kit, swung off a pipe on the roof of the venue and was back in normal standing position when his right foot slipped on some beer that somebody had spilled on the stage. His patella dislocated, bending 90 degrees the wrong way, and he crashed to the floor. Matt said it looked like his leg broke off. Amazingly, it popped back in, and shocked him so much he kind of didn’t know what had happened. Just a like a Rock n’ Roll trooper, instead of stopping the show he played eight more songs. With the help of friends in audience they got him standing on his one good leg with ice on the other and he started to black out. They carried Matt out to the waiting ambulance to the sound of the crowd chanting his name.

At the hospital he was put into in a full immobilizing leg brace, yet flew to Germany two days later for to play a couple of festival shows. “The show must go on”, he said. Thankfully,he was recently cleared from physio, having completed 6 months of rehab. Unfortunately, due to that slippery stage and spot of bad luck, his leg won’t ever be the same.

Many thanks to Matt for our awesome hangout.

Bend Sinister just finished recording their new album a few weeks ago, be sure to check out their website for release details and show dates.

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