Some jokers installed a horseshoe pit in the Olympic Village


This Victoria Day weekend saw a new installation go into Vancouver’s Olympic Village. Specifically in Hinge Park, the large public space next to the village that sits on the corner of Columbia and 1st Ave. If you’re familiar with the area there’s a space right next to the playground there that’s been sitting fallow since 2010, basically just a flat area with gravel in it. It’s exactly the size of an outdoor basketball court because it was supposed to be one but the park board decided not to install it for one reason or another (likely due to cost overruns as it went into receivership after the Games).

The city actually has announced plans to install a swing set in the space this summer but some local residents felt they’d waited long enough for something to go in, so they went in over the weekend and installed two horseshoe pits. They didn’t want us to identify them so we won’t, but they wanted you to know that the pits are there as well as the horseshoes themselves, so if you want to help yourself to a game please do so. Just return the shoes to the pits when you’re done so everybody can enjoy a round or two. Here is some basic instruction of how to throw horseshoes and here is a starter for the rules of scoring. Tweet your pics to us at @VIAwesome!


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