If you like seafood, you should join this co-op


Yesterday a post on Facebook caught my eye. Chad Brealey of BC’s Salt Fresh & Field TV show shared this video (below) from Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery, promoting their final push for membership for the upcoming fishing season.

Skipper Otto’s is a bit like a co-op (though technically it isn’t one) and a bit like those initiatives where you can buy a portion of a cow our on a farm in the Fraser Valley, and you get a share of the milk (or the beef after it’s slaughtered, depending on the type of cow). But Instead of buying into something that sits on land you’re buying a portion of the catch from local, independent, commercial fishermen who still manage to have boats despite most of the industry being bought up by massive business interests. By joining you’ll not only get fresh fish all year round but you’ll also be helping keep the spirit (and the actual business of) family owned fisheries alive.

After watching the video then reading this article in the Vancouver Sun I decided to join, investing $300 in this year’s catch. From what I understand the money I’ve put in is a credit where I can go to one of their many pickup locations each week (the closest one to my house is on Granville Island) and take as much (or as little) as I want, up to $300. Do I blow my entire credit on halibut and dungeness crab in one fell swoop or do I take a salmon here, a cod there (and some halibut and crabs too, of course), and make it last? I’ll share my experience through my personal Instagram at @BobKronbauer over the coming months, so follow along if you’re keen to see how it works.

Their current membership push ends at the end of today, so if you want in you’d better join ASAP. Make it happen at skipperotto.com.

Oh, and here’s the details on where/when members can pick up their fresh seafood throughout Vancouver…