Beer-loving bear? Vancouver cold beer store gets a very surprising visit



A North Vancouver cold beer store got a surprise visit this past weekend when a bear boldly entered the store and after sniffing around, left with a 6 pack of beer.

Sunny Saturdays heading into summer are always a busy time for beer stores, but Todd von Heintschel, Manager of The Gull Liquor Store, never expected it to be this wild. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the bear come into our store. I was worried at first, but he wasn’t aggressive at all. He was super chill – and almost seemed like he was specifically looking for something,” said Todd. “It was crazy to watch, but after a minute or so of sniffing around, he went straight for our display of the new Okanagan Spring seasonal beer – Honey Kölsch. The most amazing part was when he grabbed a sixpack and walked out!”

The incredible footage was captured via security cameras:

Stefan Tobler, Brewmaster of Okanagan Spring Brewery, was honoured to hear about the bear’s affinity for the new Okanagan Spring Honey Kölsch. “We’ve crafted an easy-drinking Kölsch, made with a touch of real local Okanagan honey – it’s really good and the feedback we’re getting is that it’s going be the perfect summer beer for a lot of people. Summer’s just getting started, but it looks like we’ve already found Honey Kölsch’s biggest fan.”

More information on Okanagan Spring’s new Honey Kölsch and the bear’s visit can be found at

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