Random Vancouver: Unusual New Store


While Vancouver’s development has followed certain trends over the last few decades, sometimes there are outliers. This photograph was taken over the weekend on Cambie Street between The Cambie Bar & Grill and Meat & Bread. We look forward to dusting off our old VHS players!

Coming Soon
Coming Soon
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James is an architect and writer from Vancouver, British Columbia with a passion for affordable housing, public space, design, and the Pacific Northwest. James has worked on architecture projects across the lower mainland and has written for Canadian Architect, Objekt International, and Price Tags. He holds a Masters in Architecture from the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design and a Bachelors of Applied Science in Civil-Structural Engineering from the University of Waterloo. James has been an AIBC architectural awards jury member, has served on UBC SALA Thesis Committee, and was awarded a special mention in the Urbanarium's Missing Middle competition. He lives in Gastown with his wife Errin, a cool optometrist responsible for his maple glasses.