Explore Your Parks: Robert Burnaby Park


Robert Burnaby Park is full of great amenities.
The south end of Robert Burnaby Park

When you think of parks in Burnaby, the first ones that come to mind are probably Deer Lake Park and Burnaby Lake Park. But within a ten-minute drive of those well-known parks and located just off Highway 1, Robert Burnaby Park is waiting to be explored.

With plenty of trails, you can easily spend plenty of time walking or running through Robert Burnaby Park. The entire park is on a hill, so be prepared to put your leg muscles to work. You’ll get a little noise from the highway traffic on the lower trails in the north end of the park, but the rest of the trails are forested and peaceful.

Robert Burnaby Park disc golf course
Part of the disc golf course through the forest.

There’s a 10-hole disc golf course that starts near the northernmost parking lot. The course takes you through the trees and around Ramsey Creek, and even includes a couple of extra practice targets. If you’re like me and have yet to try your hand at disc golf, the map of the course does include some basic rules to get you started. Just bring your own disc (or two) and you’re good to go.

There are two different areas in the park with picnic tables, though you’ll find more up in the south end of the park. Because the park is hilly, there are plenty of great spots to lay out a blanket and relax, but not necessarily to run around with a ball.

For those looking to get active, in addition to the disc golf course, there are three tennis courts and a large baseball diamond in the park. There’s also an outdoor pool which is usually open from the end of May until the beginning of September, and even includes a free wading pool option during public swim times.

The playground in Robert Burnaby Park
Part of the playground in the south end of the park.

Your kids will be delighted with the fairly new playground that includes multiple slides in different sizes. And of course, for the furry kids in your family, there is an off-leash dog area at the bottom of the trails.

There are multiple entrances to the park, so it’s worth checking the map before you go to see which of the four parking lots is closest to where you want to spend your time in the park.

There's lots of greenspace at Robert Burnaby Park
Some of the greenspace above the tennis courts.

In the quick two hours I spent exploring the park, I felt like I was a world away from the city and able to relax. With so many things to do in Robert Burnaby Park, it’ll be easy for you to spend an entire afternoon here.