The Enlightened Nerd: B-Bombshell Hair Salon


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Have you ever dreamed of having flowing platinum locks like Daenerys, cinnamon-bunned hair like Princess Leia, or lilac-coloured tresses like James from Team Rocket? B-Bombshell Salon can turn your cosplay hair fantasy into a reality.

B-Bombshell Salon, located in Metro Vancouver, is a unique hair shop that offers skilled and creative hair services for geeks, by geeks. The salon predominantly caters to a nerdier clientele (think gamers, sci-fi diehards, cosplayers, board game junkies, anime lovers, techies, film buffs, ect.) but all are welcome in this aesthetically-fun space, whether it be for a trim, a fade, or Sailor Moon pigtails. “It is a safe space, and there is no judgment,” said Jen Cleroux, one of the hair stylists working at B-Bombshell Salon since day one.

The staff themselves are dexterous in a variety of nerdy subjects such as video games, comic books, and film. “One core value that we all hold is that we respect everyone’s choices in what they enjoy, and if we aren’t 100% versed in the subject, we are more than happy to learn more about it!” said Cleroux gleefully.

The alternative hair salon just celebrated their two-year anniversary, having opened up in 2014 after being partially funded by an Indiegogo crowd-sourcing campaign, initiated by owner and hair stylist Ryan Paul. Paul had noticed a clientele gap in typical hair salons after working in a higher-end salon himself. He was inspired to create a place for those that may feel intimidated or a lack of connection at regular salons.

B-Bombshell is a play on the words bombshell and Bob-ombs from the Super Mario Bros video game. The hair salon allows clients to embrace their inner nerd and leave the salon a babe with a new ‘do.

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The funky shop has a much different guise than the typical hair salon. Its sprinkled with nerdy pops of décor which Cleroux said “come mostly from local artists whose prints [are] picked up from local conventions.” The waiting area features literature of the manga and comic book variety, rather than fashion and tabloid magazines. The product shelves are whimsically sloped, imitating the floors from the Donkey Kong game. Finally, the nerdiest of the nerdy, a WiiU and Nintendo DSs are available for clients to use while they’re waiting for their appointment or getting their hair done.

Despite the nerdy novelty of the salon and specializing in cosplay styling, the stylists are extremely passionate and experienced in hair, offering a full range of services such as cuts, colour, and styling for both nerds and nerdettes.

B-Bombshell sponsors a lot of nerdy events around Vancouver such as Geeks versus Nerds, Northwest Fan Fest, There is No Easy Mode, Free Comic Book Day and more.

Live long and prosper, B-Bombshell Salon!

Address: 808 20th Street, New Westminster
Hours: Monday 11AM – 5PM, Tuesday 10AM – 6PM, Wednesday – Friday 10AM – 9PM, Saturday 10AM – 6PM, and Sunday 11AM – 5PM
Services: Everything hair-on-your-head related