Dogtown Vancouver Adoption Chapter: Denver


Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver’s Adoption Chapter is Denver, from Home at Last. Here’s what they had to say about him…

NAME: Denver.
BREED: Shepherd Lab mix.
OTHER INFO: Despite his tragic past, Denver is a good natured and sociable 1.5 year old. He was rescued last September from the rooftop of a college research centre in Taiwan. The school officials had banned the students from feeding Denver as they wanted him to die alone, abandoned on the roof. Unable to accept this dogs cruel execution, one student wrote an email to a local animal rescue for help. Despite the difficulties Denver’s rescuer had with the school authorities, she persisted and eventually got to the roof. The woman found the despairing pup dying of dehydration under the scorching sun. Denver was too frightened to let her near him at first, however she eventually coaxed him out and brought him sedated to the vet. Happily this sad story is in the past now, the gentle canine enjoys meeting new people and loves belly rubs. Denver is tender with his tiny human counterparts and fellow dogs. He is great both on and off the leash, happily running or hiking alongside his keeper. As amiable as they come, Denver would happily coexist with another dog and is housetrained and microchipped! This docile mutt has had another chance at a happy life and is waiting patiently for his new forever family. Get more information here! 

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