THRIVE Mastermind ROVE
Have you heard of THRIVE Studio? It’s a secret hip lady club for female artists who want to kill it! THRIVE is a community of female artists who support each other on their journeys to become the artists and people they most want to be.  Located at 2414 Main St THRIVE is home to THRIVE Mastermind, THRIVE Talks and a series of professional development sessions for artists.

THRIVE was founded by artist Jamie Smith who also founded ROVE! At the next ROVE art walk in Mt Pleasant happening on September 30th THRIVE studio will feature the work of the following THRIVE Mastermind members.

Aimee Henny Brown THRIVE ROVE

Aimée Henny Brown

Aimée is creating a new custom collage piece that builds on her current body of work employing vintage printed matter to create mythical shelters and fantastical landscapes.


Jamie Smith

Focusing on the sediment of memories and experiences Jamie’s mixed media pieces offer the viewer an opportunity to conduct their own narrative.

Tara Galuska THRIVE ROVE

Tara Galuska

Tara creates poetry with paper! She is an artist and illustrator who uses paper to create work that is delicate, detailed and whimsical.

Sandeep Johal THRIVE ROVE

Sandeep Johal

Sandeep specializes in pattern-work based primarily upon symmetry, geometry, and South Asian motifs. She believes in hard work and solid craftswomanship, and strives to maintain a practice that is both authentic and beautiful.

Jennifer Clarke THRIVE ROVE

Jennifer Clark

Through her new artwork for ROVE Jennifer will continue to explore concepts of the body and nature but it will have more edge and abstraction than previous pieces.

Linda Suffidy THRIVE ROVE

Linda Suffidy

“Vancouver Mystique” is a series of images by Linda that interpret a facet of the Vancouver experience into a visual artifact. This piece “Cabaret” is a reference to a legendary long gone musical venue, and the experience of night life in non-gentrified Chinatown. Mysterious smokey dive bars, decadence, and hissing neon signs in the rain.

April Lacheur THRIVE ROVE

April Lacheur

Bold interpretations of west coast nature! April captures nature’s beauty in a way a camera cannot.

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ROVE with us on Friday, September 30th from 6pm to 10pm and then party with us at the ROVE after party at the The Projection Room starting at 10pm until late! RSVP here