Local Artist Pitches in to Raise Funds for Bella Bella Oil Spill


Marisa Phal - Bella BellaJust over a month ago a tugboat called the Nathan E. Stewart ran aground and sank just west of Bella Bella, BC. This past Thursday, the tug was lifted from the sea floor, but not before spilling over 100,000 litres of fuel into the West Coast waters.

Devastated by the environmental and emotional impact the spill had on Bella Bella residents, local artist Marisa Pahl has decided to lend her hand and her tiny paintbrush to the clean up effort of the Heiltsuk Territory. Pahl will be donating 50% of the proceeds raised from the sale of her gorgeous and exceptionally small watercolour that was inspired by the very waters that have been contaminated.

“Last month I started a daily painting project where each new painting is inspired by a different ocean advocate. Jess Housty, a member of the Heiltsuk Nation, was one of the first people to share a photo and story with me. I did a tiny watercolour inspired by a photo Jess shared with me. In the painting, a group of Heiltsuk youth are paddling a canoe near Bella Bella.”

Small Painting - PahlEach print measures in at only 37 x 37 mm. While small in size, Pahl hopes the fundraiser will help to inspire big change, “my hope is that this offering will inspire people to donate who may not consider doing so otherwise. If it inspires others to give directly without buying a print – that’s even better!”

The limited edition prints are selling for $45 and Pahl’s goal is to raise a minimum of $1000 for the Heiltsuk community. While that may not be a huge amount, every dollar helps, especially in times of need. The prints will only be on-sale from this Friday, November 18th until November 25, 2016.

For more information, or to purchase a print, visit marisapahl.com.

Bella Bella Spill Fundraiser

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